Re: File Transfer Dialog

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
>> However, I think "Copying <filename>" is much better, plus we don't need
>> the other redundant info. I doubt the current code could actually handle
>> more than one file at once.
>> I also wondered whether it would be good idea to set a minimum width for
>> this dialog. Does the HIG say anything about dialog sizes? It seems a
>> bit silly to have a dialog as small as this can be.
> yeah, looks indeed a bit ugly that small. Why not mimic the Nautilus
> one, if we are going to keep with 'Copying....' ?

Here is my latest attempt. If this looks OK to everyone I will commit. I
have removed the "Copying files 1 of 1" unless there is actually more
than one file being copied. I might also try and allow the title to
match the parent window (in this case "Theme Manager") if that sounds

Any more thoughts?


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