Re: File Transfer Dialog

On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 21:56 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> Calum Benson wrote:
> > On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 17:31 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> >> Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> >>> Le mercredi 23 août 2006 à 18:47 +0100, Thomas Wood a écrit :
> >>>
> >>>> Well, the main issue with my original bug was that the file was being 
> >>>> transfered to a temporary location before being installed. The user was 
> >>>> complaining that the temporary location wasn't where it was actually 
> >>>> installed, so the dialog was misleading.
> >>>>
> >>>> Do we need to show the destination at all? Perhaps we could rework the 
> >>>> interface so that it was a little more friendly?
> >>> Hey,
> >>>
> >>> I don't think we need to mention the directory, no
> >> I had a little go at just removing the To: and From: fields, as the
> >> probably aren't relevant when installing themes. The filename is still
> >> visible since there is another label below the progress bar. I don't
> >> think it looks ideal, so I've attached a screenshot for comments.
> > 
> > Just a bit heavy on the use of "Copying" I think :)
> Yeah, what I thought too :-)
> > Couldn't the primary text just be "Copying <filename>" (or even
> > "Installing <filename>", as the user asked to install a theme, not copy
> > one)?  Then you could just as well do away with the progress bar text
> > and the label below it altogether, it doesn't really add any
> > information.
> The window doesn't actually show the progress of installing the theme,
> only copying the tarball from one place to a temporary location (which
> was the original reason the destination string needed removing).
> However, I think "Copying <filename>" is much better, plus we don't need
> the other redundant info. I doubt the current code could actually handle
> more than one file at once.
> I also wondered whether it would be good idea to set a minimum width for
> this dialog. Does the HIG say anything about dialog sizes? It seems a
> bit silly to have a dialog as small as this can be.
yeah, looks indeed a bit ugly that small. Why not mimic the Nautilus
one, if we are going to keep with 'Copying....' ?
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo novell com>

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