Re: redesign status

Le vendredi 03 avril 2009, à 22:49 +0200, Carsten Senger a écrit :
> Hi Jens,
> Jens W. Klein schrieb:
>> What are the problems with using Plone? I build Plone sites all day 
>> long for public sites and intranets, ... So I use Gnome (within 
>> Ubuntu). So if I can help, tell me. I think I'am also good in solving 
>> difficult problems with Plone, its my business. Just give me some 
>> pointers and access: Where are  buildout, code, design skcetches, 
>> concept, ...?
> It's a long, unsuccessful story that has nothing to do with Plone  
> itself. I don't know the details before last fall, but the position of  
> the gnome folks is correct. Today it's mostly about people loosing track  
> for work or personal reasons, including me.

Just stepping back a bit... This long unsuccessful story might mean
something about plone for GNOME: maybe plone is not the best choice for
GNOME because we have nobody active who will be able to take care of it.
(don't get me wrong: it's nothing about plone or about the people)

I mean: if some people can finish the current work, then great. But what
will happen next time we need to do something big? I don't think we'd
want to wait n years again.

On the other hand, I don't want to start yet another discussion about
what we should use and I don't have a concrete plan to fix this. I guess
my point is that it might be worth having a small team investigate other
solutions that are better suited to our community.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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