Re: redesign status

Am Fri, 03 Apr 2009 15:59:32 +0200 schrieb Murray Cumming:

> Lucas Rocha asked me what the redesign status is, so here
> goes:
> 1. There are still people working on a Plone site, though there hasn't
> been much activity recently. I don't believe they will succeed, because
> this has failed so often, but nobody should stop them from trying as
> long as we don't have something else. If they do manage to get a working
> test site up then that wouldn't still be a very initial stage and would
> still need a phase of public feedback and reworking.

What are the problems with using Plone? I build Plone sites all day long 
for public sites and intranets, ... So I use Gnome (within Ubuntu). So if 
I can help, tell me. I think I'am also good in solving difficult problems 
with Plone, its my business. Just give me some pointers and access: Where 
are  buildout, code, design skcetches, concept, ...?

regards Jens
Jens W. Klein - Klein & Partner KEG - BlueDynamics Alliance

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