Petr Kovar schrieb:
> Otherwise, it seems to be quite controversial and, may I say, disrespectful
> towards translators, whose work, in my humble translator's opinion, is as
> good and as bad as any other contributions.
Its obvious. Professional translation is a very complex task. You can
not expect a high quality from volunteers who often do not have any
training and are often developers who also do translations. In relation
to code I guess its often the case that programers aho work on GNOME are
professional programmers - not all - but many. The argument that I made
was made in a specific context - that it would be desirable to have the
whole site translated. The question I rose was in fact if it is better
to have a good original english page or rather a not so good
translation. So I did not start a thread to disrespect translators. In
Moin wiki not all help pages are translated because the translations
often do not take up the changes fast enough. So generally there is a
translation - but the goal is rather to have a good documentation as one
that is outdated, wrong and often of lower quality. How can you say the
quality is high? I guess you cant prove the opposit either. So better
what makes you think the quality can be high? I am sure people who
translate are motivated and do their best - and it often helps greatly,
especially on user interfaces and documentation. I did this myself for
the german epiphany manual. But I know my shortcomings as well as I see
those of other german translators. It does not matter if I say it or if
I do not. Everybody can see it.


Thilo Pfennig - PfennigSolutions IT-Beratung- Wiki-Systeme
Sandkrug 28 - 24143 Kiel (Germany)

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