On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 18:07 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> I have a
> different approach to the solution: Lets install a readily available CMS, like
> Joomla, plug it into our existing LDAP account system, make it easy for
> everyone with commit access to create a web password and edit.  Then we can
> mobilize the hundreds of our volunteers to keep the website up to date instead
> of looking for The One.

That's as likely to make things worse as to make them better, and it's
likely to lock us into something before we've thought properly about
whether that's what we want. For instance, it would make it even more
difficult to eventually have a website whose content can be translated
as easily as our GNOME desktop application and documentation text.

I'd be particularly worried about using any CMS that didn't let us see the 
changes that all these hundreds of people made day to day.

At the moment, I am 
1. Assuming that the Plone effort will fail again, or take time-approaching-infinity 
to get even a test site up.
2. Doing what I can to help the Plone people to help us, in case I am wrong about 1.
3. Trying to get the structure and content out of the Plone system so I can archive it, 
and then just reorganize the existing gnomweb-wml stuff to match it. That way we will 
not have lost that result from the whole process, though we won't have the advantages 
of the real Plone system.    

At the moment, I am the only person doing any of this, and I've been doing it as a 
follow-on from Quim's previous leadership, with his consent. Of course the board is 
free to ask me to step aside and do nothing instead. I do have other things to do.


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