Re: [wgo] Skin work

Hey guys,

Okay, I committed on the svn a decent version of the navbar, which for now renders quite well with Firefox, Opera, and with minor glitches on IE 7.

CSS wise, the stylesheet is a bit more "dirty" (absolute positions for the home link) than it used to be, and I had to change <ul> and <li> in the template to <div> in order to make it more acceptable to non gecko-browsers (there seem to be some big issues when you change the display property, especially in IE).

I plan to bring out a somewhat-very-alpha CSS for the tabs during the weekend (since it seems to me we have a clear idea that we want tabs, no? And anyway I like them).

For what concerns the "tertiary" navigation bar, I'll favour the banner-bar approach. It seems to me is the one that blends best with all the rest, the other mockups tend to "jump out" a little (they seem to me much more visible than the others, and the first page element that catches my attention).

Anyway, that's all

Have a happy weekend y'all ;)


Congrats David :)

On 11/25/06, Máirín Duffy < duffy redhat com> wrote:
Hi folks,

So I recovered from my turkey eating and threw together some four
different possibilities (one with 3 variations :) so a total of 6 mocks)
for another level of navigation on the secondary (iow 'non-frontpage')
wgo pages:

Quim Gil wrote:
>> I still have doubts about the secondary navbar running horizontally
>> under the header. I think it'll ruin the appearance of the header
>> block we have for wgo.
> This is something discussed and agreed. We said we would reconsider only
> if we got stalled at the look&feel, but Máirín hasn't still done an
> attempt.
>>  (Especially beneath tabs -- do we still have tabs for the primary
>> nav?)
> I suggested having tabs at the top General bar, and make the wgo nav
> bars with literally bars -

I'm hoping the second of the four mockups will help visualize how a
second horizontal bar might look.

I really like the color differentiation idea! I played a bit with it in
mockups #2, #5, and #6. I will play with swapping the tabs/second bar
placement/usage on the train tomorrow. I do like the tabs' placement now
though - they break the monotony of all the rectangles up top. We'll see
how the other way looks.

> On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 17:16 +0000, Joachim wrote:
>> On 11/23/06, Máirín Duffy < duffy redhat com> wrote:
>>> What are the top priorities? What I'm seeing needs to be done -
>>> - Footer design

Still gotta crank this out; I figured the other stuff was higher priority.

>>> - Page design for non-front page
> Yes

Also hoping these mocks are a bit of a start on this.

>>> - Mockup to show a * site
> This is not needed at all. Subsites will integrate only the top General
> navigation bar we approve. Any higher level of integration a) depends on
> themselves and b) we won't encourage it at least before the 2.18
> release.

Ah ok. I've been working with thos on how might use this
design and when you folks feel you have enough from me for this release,
I'll start spend more time working with him on ago (hopefully this will
help work out any kinks other * sites might run into trying to
use the design at some later point.) I'll make the other stuff a higher
priority for now though!


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