Re: wgo Iteration I

Not sure if everyone has seen Alan's "notes from the peanut gallery": from-the-peanut-gallery

I'll contribute some more "peanut gallery" comments myself:

What is the wgo plan for integrating the public wgo skin and the stock plone content authoring interface?

I took the approach that Alan recommends recently with a Plone site and was pretty happy with the results. It can be difficult to reconcile the layout of a public skin with the assumptions that go along with a complete content authoring interface such as Plone provides. This approach can require more configuration and work up front, but can lead to better maintainability down the road. On the flip side, there are lots of skins out there that look quite different from stock plone and still provide the full UI of the Plone CMS. Either approach is valid, it's just good to be aware of the pros/ cons.

One another question is GNOME Products, I've seen that is interesting to
maintain some GNOME products information, there is a simple product on
plone that allow managing products, ( easy so not difficult to maintain
). We can adapt the look&feel to enable store different products, it
allow information about products, svn/cvs url, documentation, releases,
author, .... You can see it at

I also used Plone Software Centre (PSC) the site that was staging content into a /public_website/ directory. Here it feels somewhat awkward and clunky, as PSC doesn't really expect to be staged (although it works well enough for my needs). Having said that, PSC is great piece of software.

If is interested in using it though, you may want to consider managing it in a separate Zope/Plone instance. Having used Plone for a quite a while, I know for first hand experience that it can be easy to build up a whole lot of Plone add-ons to a Plone site over time. The more add-ons Plone has, the greater the chance for headaches when it comes time to upgrade Plone itself. Also, the more add-ons, the harder it can be manage the system, especially for a volunteer run system where people can tend to come and go on the project. Of course, if a Product is being used on such as PSC, then there will be a very strong incentive for the authors to support the product in future versions of Plone (and I know the PSC contributors have a lot of interesting ideas in the pipe that they want to add to PSC).

- Kevin Teague

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