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What would be the advantages / disadvantages of sharing users via LDAP? uses LDAP. The advantage is that you can use the same account across multiple web properties. For example on you can use the same account to update content, use the Trac issue tracker, or make commits to SVN. It's really nice to be able to change your password in just one place :)

Since has a lot of microsites, being able to participate via comments, etc. across all these sites would is quite nice. Another alternative to LDAP might be OpenID:

The primary disadvantage to LDAP is that it can take a decent amount of sysadmin time and knowledge to properly set-up and maintain LDAP.

Another advantage/disadvantage is that it can centralize authentication/authorization privileges into one place. This can be advantage to more easily determine who can do what, but a disadvantage if you've got too few people with too much control or the opposite of too many people with too much control who are inadvertently handing out privileges that did not expect.

* Where can I find information about actual access to wgo ? ( access per
second )

See the peaks on March 16th and September 7th corresponding to the GNOME
releases. The revamped wgo will be released precisely hours before the
next expected peak, we better plan the resources needed carefully.

Wow, gets some intense traffic. For comparison, the stats are here: does about 1/10th the traffic of a peak wgo month, although it is serving up a lot of content from one system (over 5,000 content items). is running of one box, it currently runs subversion, Trac and Plone:

- Kevin Teague

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