Re: The future of gup in developer and bugzilla

2006/2/13, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:

> ... to convince you that the
> single crappiest thing you can do to your reader is induce
> cognitive overload?

If I oppose GNOME site looking the same I did not suggest to
cognitively overloading the visitors. It is just not practical to use
one navigation for all GNOME sites. I think one site like should be
consistent itself. Enforcing the same look and navigation on all sides
is a terrible burden for web designers and administrators.

We can have some familiar elements like the logo on all sides, but
besides that it will dramatically decrease the development speed of
the websites. Many websites on different servers are just a different
kind of thing as one desktop environment with dependencies and shared
libraries. This is the web.

> As for having a single system, it just makes it that much
> simpler to have consistent sites.

And if that fails, every site fails.

> We will almost certainly
> need multiple systems in some places, but we should reduce
> the number of different systems as much as possible.

We can talk about what systems suit best. But web applications are not
on the point where one fits for all. The most close thing for
"one-for-all" is a wiki, because it is not structured in any way. But
this also is bad if you want specific jobs to be done.

I could imagine that GNOME with it's specific needs could try to
invent a new system that better fits what it needs. Maybe other
software projects will follow. I think web apppliations have a very
low standardisation in the code and very, very little code sharing.  I
am waiting for an initiative to do for the web what KDE and GNOME have
done for the desktop. I would have a bad feeling if GNOME would say:
We now use Drupal, nothing else.

> We have the people who
> are developing Gnome (or want to be developing Gnome),
> and then we have the people who are developing other
> stuff using our platform.

Ah, OK. I agree.



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