Re: The future of gup in developer and bugzilla

On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 10:12:29 +0100
Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> wrote:

> This comes from the Usability list.
> En/na Shaun McCance ha escrit:
> > For the record, I'm pretty much completely opposed to relying on
> > for any real public-facing stuff.  For internal
> > planning and sketching, fine.  But it's a wasteland of broken
> > navigation.  Why should half our site look and feel different
> > than the rest?
> I agree with this distinction between "public-facing stuff" and
> "internal planning and sketching".

The argument is false:

 * The broken navigation is due to people not caring about the wiki.
   This is due to happen with a CMS too when more people take part in
   the CMS. The reason is GNOMEs size.

 * The look is just different to the rest of the pages because nobody
   fixed the layout yet. There was once a rocking CSS by someone but
   Jeff Waugh said, he had one too and so it was never applied.

   Unfortunatly, I'm not able to find it in the web ML archive. It was
   last year.

 * lgo will always be exposed to the public; if not by us then by
   others: fans, friends, and -- most important -- the media. This is
   the WorldWideWeb: Everybody is able to make links to inner pages of
   the wiki. That happens because GNOME is an important project in the
   Linux world.


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