Re: The future of gup in developer and bugzilla

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 11:11 +0100, Claus Schwarm wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 10:12:29 +0100
> Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> wrote:
> > This comes from the Usability list.
> > 
> > En/na Shaun McCance ha escrit:
> > 
> > > For the record, I'm pretty much completely opposed to relying on
> > > for any real public-facing stuff.  For internal
> > > planning and sketching, fine.  But it's a wasteland of broken
> > > navigation.  Why should half our site look and feel different
> > > than the rest?
> > 
> > I agree with this distinction between "public-facing stuff" and
> > "internal planning and sketching".
> > 
> The argument is false:
>  * The broken navigation is due to people not caring about the wiki.
>    This is due to happen with a CMS too when more people take part in
>    the CMS. The reason is GNOMEs size.

MoinMoin Wiki, at least, has only a very primitive concept of
heirarchical nodes.  I don't see any way of putting pages under
particular sections and having global navigation automatically
provided based on those sections.

Furthermore, a *big* part of the navigational problems is that
we have multiple things being deployed with multiple technologies.
Let's say, for instance, that the Gnome Packaging Project started
existing again.  We should be able to set up a subsection for the
GPP, under the "Developer" section or whatever, and have it just
appear in all the navigation.  I don't want to add it in lots of
different places.

Why exactly are people so excited about  I mean,
I understand its advantages over our hackneyed build system, but
given a good CMS, why wouldn't we want to transition everything
over?  A CMS gives you all the same advantages of a wiki, plus
it provides tools for consistent navigation and allows certain
pages or subsections to be built using tools more appropriate
for their particularly needs.

One tool to rule them all.


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