Re: Seperating Content from code, and making it transparent

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> > No one is actively hacking on something that would be committed to CVS.
> > We're researching and answering some basic questions about implementation
> > at the moment.
> Can you be more specific?  Who is investigating what?  What can I do to help?

Joshua is looking at the cache and transparent XSLT stuff, I'm looking at
stylesheets and i18n, Paul mentioned that he was going to keep plugging away
at the XML navigation tree and information architecture stuff.

Then there's various people working on the components that are somewhat
removed from all of the above hacking (like the software map, Gnotices,

> > Stuff is happening - it may not be "code in CVS right now", but building
> > a site of this magnitude requires some careful thought about
> > implementation and construction, especially when you have a number of
> > crucial requirements such as i18n, etc.
> I understand and agree.  I know we can't cut code on day 1.  But at some
> point of time we do need to firm the strategy, prototype up to see that
> our strategy is feasible and then start doing the site.  I just want to
> get past the first step :-)

We're not ready yet. Realistically, there's been a bit of increased noise on
the list lately, and some consolidation and agreement on what we're trying
to achieve. Now we're talking seriously about architectural implementation
details, which is when the interesting stuff kicks in.

There's lots of room for improvement on the IA and UI side of things, now
that we've fuzzily agreed on those.

- Jeff

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