Re: Seperating Content from code, and making it transparent

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> Scary thing is it's now 9am and you're _still_ up :)

One can fit in sleep between 3 and 8. :)

  [ 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours GNOME! ]

> I agree on principle, but in reality two function calls, one at start and
> one at end isn't a big deal and hard to maintain.

It's a point of failure, and one I'd like to neutralise. It won't be
anything like wgo and dgo at the moment... They're positively cretinous.

> So the question remains.  Who's hacking up something for the main w.g.o
> site?  When will you have something to share?

No one is actively hacking on something that would be committed to CVS.
We're researching and answering some basic questions about implementation at
the moment.

> What's our timeline for deciding upon some basic infrustructure?  I can
> _start_ something but I'd rather spend my time critiquing/extending
> something that is close to the ball park.

When we have a reasonable set of guidelines for implementation, perhaps
you'd like to pitch in.

> Have we decided upon on a branch to use for CVS?  Shall we setup another
> port on to test/present the CVS branch with?

We'll be branching off gnomeweb-wml for the time being, and there's some
discussion about merging it and gnomeweb. I doubt there'll be any reason to
commit stuff to CVS at this point, other than having status things, mockups,
etc. listed on our pages on d.g.o.

When we start on the real codebase, we'll undoubtedly have a live checkout

> Sorry - just been waiting for momentum to build and now that it has I want to 
> see stuff happenning.

Stuff is happening - it may not be "code in CVS right now", but building a
site of this magnitude requires some careful thought about implementation
and construction, especially when you have a number of crucial requirements
such as i18n, etc.

Be excited, but be prepared to do the hard yards first.

- Jeff

  "To do: Start up a a magazine dedicated to picky grammar. Call it 'Whom   
                              Weekly'." - WzDD                              

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