Re: cvs and stuff

<quote who="Joshua Eichorn">

> htdig needs to be installed and setup to run nightly/weekly whatever in
> cron so the site gets indexed correctly.

Righto, I'll get onto this.

> Then we just need to copy in simple frontend stuff i have set up.  I
> believe the frontend needs one image to be made.

Is it just this html, or do you have various pretty configs for the
results pages? Can you send these over?

> search the GNOME Website or something like that, however i don't know what
> font was used for the rest of graphics and i don't really have any gimp
> skills so im not really the person to do that last bit of update.

Garamond, but unfortunately Joakim has all of the bits and pieces for this.
Hopefully we can elbow [ strongarm? ;) ] him into doing this soon.

- Jeff

                          Money can't buy me grok.                          

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