Re: cvs and stuff

htdig needs to be installed and setup to run nightly/weekly whatever in cron so the site gets indexed correctly.

Then we just need to copy in simple frontend stuff i have set up.  I believe the frontend needs one image to be made., shows you what it will look like,  the only change needed is the get more software graphic
should say, search the GNOME Website or something like that, however i don't know what font was used for the rest of
graphics and i don't really have any gimp skills so im not really the person to do that last bit of update.


Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Joshua Eichorn">

I have the rough setup of the search engine done but it wont be finished
until someone with a account on the webserver helps me out, since htdig
needs to be installed.

Once it's on, what do you need?

- Jeff

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