Re: making smb remember passwords

Le jeu 17/04/2003 à 00:26, Ken Deeter a écrit :
> > Apart from the "store in gconf keys" part, and if you replace "smb
> > method" by "gnome-vfs methods", that's a good idea ;)
> > 
> why not gconf keys?

Because gconf is meant to store configuration data, not arbitrary
information. And I think it would be nice to be able to store all
passwords in a file which would be encrypted with a master password or
stuff like that

> Why do we want to do this at the application level? It seems like an app
> shouldn't have to care about whether its getting a file from the local
> system or a remote system.. so it should just be able to say:

The main users of the daemon would be the gnome-vfs modules, so this
would be hidden from most apps (but apps like galeon who doesn't use
gnome-vfs should still have the opportunity to use it if they want to).

> I also wonder why the authentication is done through a call back.. or i
> guess it seems there should be a default call back already that
> implements a password dialog so that every app doesn't have to write
> one. 

What would you suggest instead of a callback ? gnome-vfs isn't linked to
any gui library, and that allows app to do whatever they want to get a
password. For your default callback idea, see (which I need to bring
up on desktop-devel to try to get that in for gnome 2.4)

With respect to the thread-unsafety of ORBit2, Michael Meeks told me
recently that things should be much better now, I should retry my daemon
to see how it works.

Hope that helps,


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