Re: making smb remember passwords

> Apart from the "store in gconf keys" part, and if you replace "smb
> method" by "gnome-vfs methods", that's a good idea ;)

why not gconf keys?
> Actually, I have already started to work on something similar: I have a
> very early prototype of a daemon using bonobo which apps can query to
> get a login/password given an uri, and which can be sent valid
> login/password to remember. It hasn't been heavily tested yet, but it
> worked a bit (it seemed to lock from time to time though), and doesn't
> persist to disk yet, but that seems like what you want to do, so I can
> dig up the source, and clean it a bit if you want to go on working on
> that.

Why do we want to do this at the application level? It seems like an app
shouldn't have to care about whether its getting a file from the local
system or a remote system.. so it should just be able to say:

give me smb://me somehost/someshar/somefile

and assume the vfs layer already knows what password etc. to use. Or are you
suggesting that the vfs layer contact your server?

I also wonder why the authentication is done through a call back.. or i
guess it seems there should be a default call back already that
implements a password dialog so that every app doesn't have to write


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