Re: making smb remember passwords


> I'm thinking about adding some kind of mechanism to allow the smb method
> (or maybe even other methods) to remember passwords that are used to
> connect to various remote resources (perhaps storing them in gconf
> keys).  Do people think this would be in general a good idea?

Apart from the "store in gconf keys" part, and if you replace "smb
method" by "gnome-vfs methods", that's a good idea ;)

> Also, (maybe this isn't a gnome vfs bug) but i find that with ftp
> for example i can't say
> ftp://someuser somehost
> and then wait for it ask me for a password.. seems like in this case, it
> should try to login as "someuser" then if that fails ask for a password
> with the "someuser" field already filled in. (a la windoze)

This is a known bug, but it needs a bit of work to make sure the ftp
method won't keep reasking the password at random times while browsing.

> anyways, just a few ideas. If no one has any strong objectinos, then
> I'll start looking at how to code it.

Actually, I have already started to work on something similar: I have a
very early prototype of a daemon using bonobo which apps can query to
get a login/password given an uri, and which can be sent valid
login/password to remember. It hasn't been heavily tested yet, but it
worked a bit (it seemed to lock from time to time though), and doesn't
persist to disk yet, but that seems like what you want to do, so I can
dig up the source, and clean it a bit if you want to go on working on


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