Re: making smb remember passwords

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Ken Deeter wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just recently joined the list, so I apologize if this topic has
> been discussed already.
> I'm thinking about adding some kind of mechanism to allow the smb method
> (or maybe even other methods) to remember passwords that are used to
> connect to various remote resources (perhaps storing them in gconf
> keys).  Do people think this would be in general a good idea?
> Some other things I was thinking about, was that for example, URI' that
> require username/password's should always have the username in the uri,
> so that when in nautilus or whatever other program, it is always obvious
> what username is being used to access the network resource.
> so if in nautilus i say,
> smb://someshare
> and it pops up a dialog, asking for a username/password and i say
> myser/mypassword,
> the uri to access that connection should be noted as
> smb://myuser someshare
> and the password would be stored or cached so that a user would not have
> to keep entering it. I think this might be particularly useful if there
> start to be many apps using gnome-vfs and you want to copy and paste
> URI's and not have to re-enter the password every time for every app.
> Also, (maybe this isn't a gnome vfs bug) but i find that with ftp
> for example i can't say
> ftp://someuser somehost
> and then wait for it ask me for a password.. seems like in this case, it
> should try to login as "someuser" then if that fails ask for a password
> with the "someuser" field already filled in. (a la windoze)

Yes. This is a well known issue with gnome-vfs. The correct fix is to 
share the passwords among the vfs connections, but this requires a daemon 
that keeps the passwords around. A gnome-vfs daemon is also 
usefull/necessary for a whole host of other things, so this is planned. 
However, we don't currently have an IPC mechanism good enough for this. 
We're currently blocking on Michaels work on a threadsafe ORBit2.

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