making smb remember passwords


I've just recently joined the list, so I apologize if this topic has
been discussed already.

I'm thinking about adding some kind of mechanism to allow the smb method
(or maybe even other methods) to remember passwords that are used to
connect to various remote resources (perhaps storing them in gconf
keys).  Do people think this would be in general a good idea?

Some other things I was thinking about, was that for example, URI' that
require username/password's should always have the username in the uri,
so that when in nautilus or whatever other program, it is always obvious
what username is being used to access the network resource.

so if in nautilus i say,


and it pops up a dialog, asking for a username/password and i say

the uri to access that connection should be noted as

smb://myuser someshare

and the password would be stored or cached so that a user would not have
to keep entering it. I think this might be particularly useful if there
start to be many apps using gnome-vfs and you want to copy and paste
URI's and not have to re-enter the password every time for every app.

Also, (maybe this isn't a gnome vfs bug) but i find that with ftp
for example i can't say

ftp://someuser somehost

and then wait for it ask me for a password.. seems like in this case, it
should try to login as "someuser" then if that fails ask for a password
with the "someuser" field already filled in. (a la windoze)

anyways, just a few ideas. If no one has any strong objectinos, then
I'll start looking at how to code it.

"If only God were alive to see this.. "  -Homer Simpson

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