Re: making smb remember passwords

> What would you suggest instead of a callback ? gnome-vfs isn't linked to
> any gui library, and that allows app to do whatever they want to get a
> password. For your default callback idea, see
> (which I need to bring
> up on desktop-devel to try to get that in for gnome 2.4)

This does look like what I was talking about. I guess I meant "why do we
have a callback, instead of just providing some default mechanism".. I
guess having the callback is more flexible (and i can imagine cases
where its necessary) but i guess I assumed it implied that every app had
to write something to hook up to the callback.. which seemed kinda dumb
too. Hopefully this won't be the case in 2.4 ;-)

> Hope that helps,

It does. Still much to learn though ;-P

"If only God were alive to see this.. "  -Homer Simpson

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