Re: gnome-vfs and Gnome2.2?

On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 07:18, Michael Meeks wrote:

> 	There is a great danger in branching too early, hacking frantically,
> and then wandering off - it makes life painful for all involved ;-)
> 	Ultimately - who is going to do the work to turn HEAD into a releasable
> package, etc.

This is my main concern as well.  Commits to HEAD by the maintainers
seem few and far between with large, sweeping changes when they do land
that make merging between branches needlessly complicated.  Perhaps more
distressing is that potential contributors on the gnome-vfs list are
looking for guidance from the maintainers and not getting any feedback
whatsoever.  (see for reference the ftp module and ACL discussions)

I'm not trying to rag on the maintainers, but we all need a little more
guidance on the state of the module and its future.  As mentioned
before, the last time this came up, if gnome-vfs HEAD is to be used for
GNOME 2.2, it should always be building and functionally working. 
Judging from Alex's post, this isn't the case.


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