Re: gnome-vfs and Gnome2.2?

On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 18:08, Alex Graveley wrote:
> Hi,
> Everyone seems to be confused about gnome-vfs in relation to 2.2.  So,
> whats up?  Are we going to use HEAD?  The gnome-2-0 branch?

My understanding is that we're going to use HEAD. This was the plan that
I was aware of. When is 2.2 slated to freeze / come out anyway?
> Also, if HEAD is to be used, is it possible to get a list of new
> features that are implemented, as well as a list of ones that still need
> work?

The big one is extensible, per-file metadata. I don't recall the rest -
I think we posted our discussion to the list a couple of months ago. I
can look it up. Thats the big one that I would like to see in there
because a lot of other stuff builds on that.


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