Re: GNOME T-Shirts

Thomas Wood wrote:
It looks possible that we might get the GNOME board to cover the initial
cost of buying the t-shirts, but either way we need to know how many
people want, and what sizes. They will probably cost around £10 each.

So if you're interested in having a GNOME t-shirt, please fill out your
details on the wiki at


The GNOME foundation have kindly agreed to cover the initial costs of the t-shirts and they should be arriving in time for the expo. So anyone who wants one can organise payment at the expo, or those that can't make it to the expo can probably send me a cheque or similar, but there will obviously have to be an additional charge for P&P.

So those people coming to the expo who want a t-shirt, don't forget to bring some money! (It would be a good idea to make sure you bring some cash anyway, as there are no ATMs near by. There was a small one in the Expo hall last year, but it charged for withdrawls.)


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