Re: GNOME T-Shirts

> On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Thomas Wood wrote:
>> > Thomas wrote:
>> > > Hackerthreads accept pay pal, so I could arrange a bulk order
>> > I would love a Gnome T-shirt and could pick it up at the show.
>> I've had a look and for one t-shirt shipping is $9, but for five
>> t-shirts
>> is is $20.80. so it is worth buying more. The t-shirts themselves are
>> $16.15 (inc. tax) which is about £8.86.
> The thing to do would be order a batch;  use some of them on the stand and
> sell the rests to try and make (at least the postage) money back.  You
> might
> even make a profit if you started out selling them at 15.00 and dropped
> that
> to 12.00 or 10.00 if you haven't shifted them by the second day.

Good suggestion - only question remains is who could finance it initially.
I'll have a chat with some people close the the GNOME Board and see what
sort of reaction there is.


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