Re: GNOME T-Shirts

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Thomas Wood wrote:
> > Thomas wrote:
> > > Hackerthreads accept pay pal, so I could arrange a bulk order 
> > I would love a Gnome T-shirt and could pick it up at the show.
> I've had a look and for one t-shirt shipping is $9, but for five t-shirts
> is is $20.80. so it is worth buying more. The t-shirts themselves are
> $16.15 (inc. tax) which is about �8.86.

The thing to do would be order a batch;  use some of them on the stand and
sell the rests to try and make (at least the postage) money back.  You might
even make a profit if you started out selling them at 15.00 and dropped that
to 12.00 or 10.00 if you haven't shifted them by the second day.

The summer is familiar here.  Edinburgh, GB

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