Exhibitors list for LinuxWorld 2005

We need to start finalising the list for who is available for the Expo, so
can everyone on the list below please confirm their details. If I don't
hear from you, I will assume that you are no longer able to come.

If there is anyone not on the list who would like to come and help out,
please let me know so I can add you onto the list!

Everyone who is on the exhibitors list will get an exhibitors pass, so you
do not need to register separately for the expo.

Name               Available

Thomas Wood        5th & 6th
Michael Wood       5th & 6th? - please confirm
Bryn Salisbury     5th & 6th
Richard Hughes     5th only
Ash Hooper         One day - please confirm which
George Wright      One day - please confirm which
Aidan Delaney      5th & 6th

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