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Martin Lettner wrote:
Hi Andreas!

Instead of creating a new engine we should focus on the 2 major engines, clearlooks and murrine and maybe drop all the other old bad-looking engines. And someone finally should support the active developer who made clearlooks and murrine that powerful and beautiful: Cimi. These 2 engines offer enough to create wonderful clean themes. The RGBA thing, which IS working, should be default for 3.0. Then we would have nice unobtrusive transparency effects on all gtk windows.
I didn't say we must throw away any engines, but regardless, I don't want us to end up in a situation where we let the technology define the aesthetics instead of the other way around. I'm pretty sure the current clearlooks or murrine engines, or whatever can work for what we decide to do, but we'll see how it plays out.

Where would we use these transparency effects? To make rounded window borders appear non-jaggy, or are you thinking of other places?
Hmm I would also like to help out with any work on gnome (ideas, website,....) since I have quiet some experience, study mediatechnology and mediadesign and I really love gnome!
If you want to start helping out right away (before we get the 3.0 ideas in place properly), take a look here:

Just assign your name to any task you want to work on.
- Andreas


On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 8:36 PM, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se <mailto:nisses mail home se>> wrote:

    Hi Anton!
    I like your work on New Wave. Welcome to the team!

    We haven't made a concrete roadmap for 3.0 yet, but here are some

    * New widget theme and cleaner appearance.
    I think we need a new widget theme, and this is also something
    mentioned in the wider 3.0 plan [1]. It would be nice with
    something light and clean. The current look is a bit heavy with
    lots of bevels going on and lots of lines everywhere (not only
    related to the theme though). The other desktops (vista, osx,
    kde4) seems to go for a quite heavy and glassy look and it would
    be cool with something different from this (and what about making
    stuff green instead of the dominating blue?). This would also
    require to clean up our current cluttered appearance, #557469 [2]
    is a step on the way (once it get in), but I think we could do the
    same for button icons.
    A new theme might require a new engine, but a sane approach is
    probably design first and code later.

    * New look & feel for the website.
    The website looks quite nice compared to how it used to be, but I
    think think we should update and clean up a lot of the content to
    be more direct in our approach. This goes for the design as well
    and we need a couple of designers to create a design and suitable
    illustrations. I have a couple of ideas for this already, but we
    need to check what the people on marketing list have in mind
    first. Anyway, I would like to assign myself to work on this,
    anyone else?

    * Icons.
    Lapo and Jimmac have been working hard on new icons mixing the
    best parts of tango-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme with lots of
    nice 256x256 icons. We need more of those.

    * Other stuff
    Stuff that probably needs some work: HighContrast icons, better
    sounds, visual design for dialogs, updated games graphics, visual
    help with the journal and shell, nice looking printed materials
    about 3.0 for conferences and fairs.

    Any other thoughts people have on their minds and are interested
    in working on for the year up until 3.0?



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