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the pixmap engine is a major engine of course but it's slower as engines without any image.
for me coded engines like murrine are clean and beautiful while pixmap engines eat resources for totally unique but unflexibel themes which remind me of windows where every app has its own look because they have no guidelines and no style.

with a simple theme building dialog everyone can easily edit the appearance while keeping the consistent nice gnome look/style.

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Anton Kerezov <ankere gmail com> wrote:
В 16:45 +0200 на 13.04.2009 (пн), Martin Lettner написа:
> Hi Andreas!
> Instead of creating a new engine we should focus on the 2 major engines, clearlooks and murrine and maybe drop all the other old bad-looking engines.

I agree but IMO you forgot the most important engine that Gnome 3.0 will
use - the pixmap one (or it's future css based version). I think that
themes must be done by designers not programmers thus hardcoded looks
are not a good option (as the case of clearlooks and murrine).


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