Re: GSoC'17 Introduction: Improving word completion in GNOME Builder

I'm looking forward to your blog posts about this.
How low level do you think it will go? Will you be writing your own algorithms for such things as edit distance? Or will you be using existing functionality?


On 10/05/2017 3:45 AM, "Umang Jain" <mailumangjain gmail com> wrote:

I am Umang Jain pursuing Bachelor of Computer Engineering in India. I will be working on
​ ​
Improving word completion in GNOME BuilderChristian Hergert (nick: hergertme) will be mentoring for the project.​ Although there will be many long term experienced contributors who will step in and provide inputs as and when required.

​I am available at IRC (nick: uajain) almost 24x7, so feel free to drop me a message there.​

​Congratulations to all other students who have been selected.
Looking forward to a great summer ahead.​


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