GSOC-17 Introduction: Todoist integration with GNOME To Do

Hello all,

In my last mail, i forgot to mention some details so just expanding a bit on that.
My project is about integrating Todoist with Gnome To Do. Todoist is a widely popular online task manager and todolist. It has some really nice features such as reminders, share and collaborate,productivity visualization. Although not all features may be supported at starting integration but we wish to implement a Todoist Provider that would allow user to link their Todoist Account with To Do and manage their todoist tasks and todo-lists using To Do.

I have added a section about this in my Project Wiki Page.
Link to project wiki.

You can visit Todoist site to know more or try it out.

Congrats to all those who got selected and best of luck for the Projects. :)

Thank you.

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