GSoC 2016 Introduction

Hello everyone!

I'm Razvan Chitu, a second year Computer Science Bachelors student at
University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest.

This summer I'll be working on integrating file-roller[0] into Nautilus[1]
under the mentorship of Carlos Soriano[2] and Cosimo Cecchi[3]. The project
aims to to simplify working with archives, making it a transparent process
to the user. It also aims to greatly reduce the usage of file-roller so it
can eventually be removed as an application.

I will be posting progress updates about the project on my blog[4]. You can
almost find me on IRC under the nicks razvan and razvan_mobile.

Lots of thanks to Iulian Radu and Michael Catanzaro for guiding me with
my first contributions to GNOME and to Carlos, for always helping me whenever
I get stuck on something! Looking forward to buying you a beer at GUADEC!


Have a great summer,

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