GSoC 2016 Introduction Mail - Week View

Hello GNOME,

My name is Vamsi Krishna Gollapudi. I'm a second-year undergraduate student presently majoring in Information Technology in NIT Durgapur.

My contribution to the GNOME community this summer is the implementation of week-view in the gnome calendar.

GNOME calendar is an everyday gnome product which most of us use, but currently, there is no 'week-view' which is required to plan the current week or the weeks ahead. I would like to implement it to make it easier for the users everywhere. My mentor is 'feaneron' and my designer is 'lapo'. Both of whom are awesome.

You can find me on IRC channel with the nick 'pandusonu'. Ping me if you have anything to ask/say, I would be glad to help.

I wish the best of luck to all the GSoC accepted people. Excited to see the features which would be added in various products like music, boxes, pitvi, games, builder, logs, polari, keysign, nautilus, etc and many other gnome products. Hope to meet all the amazing people during the GUADEC 2016. 

#GoGnome #GoCalendar Lets have an amazing summer.



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