Re: Integrating Cheese with Empathy[Weekly Report 11+12]

On 15/08/11 07:46, Raluca-Elena Podiuc wrote:
> As for the code developed, I started to integrate the effects in Empathy.
> One of the main problem is that I have some vala code in Cheese that I
> really need to use in Empathy so I need to rewrite it so I can
> integrate it in Empathy.

If I'm not misunderstanding: did you consider including the Vala code in
Empathy, rather than rewriting it in C? It seems a shame to rewrite
perfectly good working code. :) While Empathy doesn't itself currently
depend on Vala to build, it does has a hard dependency on Folks, which
is written in Vala, so I don't think it's too unreasonable an option.
Guillaume doesn't seem to, either.


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