Integrating Cheese with Empathy[Weekly Report 11+12]


This week and the one that passed  were the most interesting and
demanding I probably had since my master thesis presentation.
The former week I was at the DesktopSummit were I got to meet in
person my mentor, Luciana Fujii Pontello. I also got to meet the GNOME
girls that was also really really nice experience and also meet some
people that work or are the creators of stuff that I am working with
like: Clutter or Gstreamer.
As for the code developed, I started to integrate the effects in Empathy.
One of the main problem is that I have some vala code in Cheese that I
really need to use in Empathy so I need to rewrite it so I can
integrate it in Empathy. I already managed to integrate some part and
right now I am at the step where I play again with  gstreamer. In some
days now I will psubmit the code for review.
Last but not least I want to thanks the Gnome foundation for the
Desktop Summit. It was a really really nice experience for me!!! Thank
you again!


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