Making GTG Backend Friendly - Weekly Report 11/12


Had an awesome time at the desktop summit, with lots of learning and loads of fun.

It was great to meet GTG's developer, ploum and co-GSoCer at GTG, Izidor, and of course, the entire community.�

Now I'm back to work, and looking to fix all the loose ends in the backends I've written so far, in the last one week.

These are the issues I have:

1. Google Tasks authentication: While authenticating, a link appears on the terminal, that needs to be clicked to authenticate. I'm not clear on how to have the user authenticate it graphically.�

2. I have to add support for tag specific imports in all three backends

3. Tracks can be hosted on any server, so the url (the one I have used is tracks.tra,in) should be made generic, so any url is supported.

4. Setting due and start date of tasks, due to formatting differences.

It has been great working with GTG, and I am not going to stop contributing anyway, so these are just the things I plan to complete during the GSoC program :)

Madhu :)

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