[weekly report] week 10: Pulse


and another week is over again. Time is running fast :)

Collecting backend for debbugs got some love and works now pretty well.
On the frontend I redone the activity graph, still got some finishing
patches in the pipeline though. And of course some clean up and

Right now I'm doing some inline comments and soon some testing against
the new bugzilla version for bugzilla.gnome.org so everything still
works after the upgrade.

Florian Ludwig (11):
      collect bugs from debbugs
      Bug tracker configuration file
      Merge branch 'applications' into frontend-exp
      project refactoring with issue tracking updates
      [bugs.xml] enable bugzilla.gnome.org collection
      activity graph redone
      [mod.py] bugfix (project refactoring)
      removing unused code and debug statements
      [pulse.js] bugfix pulse_data url
      [pulse.css] activity graph css fixes
      [html.py] cleanup html

Florian Ludwig <dino phidev org>

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