[weekly report] week 10: Pulse


in week 10, cleaning everything up, refactoring, bugfixing went on.
Pulse now got a model of what a "project" is (a collection of branches).
This made handling of package associating easier. The packaging
subsystem now also knows about the "source packages" which helps getting
the connection between "foreign" bugs <-> packages <-> GNOME projects
right. I merged the "package" branch into my "mainline" and I got my
public Pulse instance updated at [0]

Not online and not commited as I still continue the finishing touches is
some refactoring and finishing work of the bugs fetching part. I intend
to have it up and working before the weekend.

Florian Ludwig (9):
      refactoring: "Project" model
      rename bugs.py to doap.py
      [db.py] "Project refactoring"
      packge module bugfixes and "project refactoring"
      Merge branch 'packages' into applications
      put myself into copyright notice
      [utils.py] URL: normalize path
      [packages.py] bugfix
      packages subsystem now cares about source packages

[0] https://pulse.ludwigf.org/mod/git.gnome.org/empathy/master#packages

Florian Ludwig <dino phidev org>

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