[weekly report] week 10: GNOME-Sudoku+Telepathy

> I will first get the networking game started properly. Then define good
> handling for error conditions.

Week 10 didn't see much work. But it's roughly in shape now. It can do
bi-directional gaming normally. I also started to draw a state diagram
mainly to deal with network problems.

Only a few commits.
$ git shortlog --since=2009-07-27
Zhang Sen (7):
      Trivial, rename some things
      Also reset the trackes when resetting the view
      Can start network game at both ends
      Have bi-directional communication
      Trivial polish
      Close network game when the peer closes
      Let the model emit the puzzle-finished signal

Next I will get a proper way to handle when a player has won, and a
dialog showing 'Connecting...', which should also be able to cancel the
offering and handle a failed offer.


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