[weekly report] week 11: libsoup / gnio / ftp


Yeah, I have done better work than last week!

I have been working to finalize SoupURILoader API.

My mentor wrote few code about file URI's, a new class SoupProtocolFile. It's just
working now for file download, but I will work on it later.

Indeed, I have added some properties to the SoupInputStream, so now, it has 3 :
The SoupInputStream emit 2 signals :
It's usefull to get ftp server reply correctly ( FTP protocol is synchronous )

The actual SoupProtocolFTP can now detect which kind of file we are trying to access,
and return a SoupInputStream correctly.

The children list is sorted : Directory - File ( case insensitive )

If the SoupInputStream contain a directory, the stream will be empty ( trying to read
it will return NULL, holding just his properties.

I am cleaning my code writing some generic new method ( sync and async ) like authentication,
file retreiving, directoring listing, ...

After the code been cleaned, I will write my patch for libgweather to use my URILoader API.

git shortlog :
      SoupURILoader hold a hash list of protocols that hold a hash list of connections
      SoupProtocolFTP object hold only one connection
      Add a independent authentication method
      Add the SoupInputStream class
      Signals end-of-stream and stream-closed added to the SoupInpuStream
      Fix the SoupProtocolFTP finalize and write an authentication method (sync and async)
      Add protocol_ftp_list method
      Add the auto detection of file type in the SoupProtocolFTP loader (sync)
      Add protocol_ftp_retr and sort file_list case insensitive (dir first)
      Use the g_ascii_strcasecmp instead of own implementation
      Remove unused method (ftp_callback_user)
      Add some sanity checks to ftp_send_command
      Merge some danw commits - Makefile fix + first draft of SoupProtocolFile

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