Re: Weekly Update:LLMNR Protocol Integration in Avahi.


The biggest thing happened to me last week was that I finally got the sufficient review about my previous work along with some changes they [my mentor and Lennart] would like to see, thing I had been waiting for so long!

The basic three structures in avahi-core on which everything depends are AvahiServer, AvahiSEntryGroup and AvahiEntry. There are some common changes in all these three structures which will require to make changes through out the library.

First half of the week was devoted to finish off everything regarding DBus which will certainly help me next week as this week I'm planning to finish all those changes on which I've been working since second half of last week.

Really sorry for such a crappy report for second consecutive week. :( I didn't get the reply earlier as my mentor was busy and I couldn't move on. But I'm really in need to work hard for next three weeks so hoping to show something good in rest of the weeks.

Sunil Ghai

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