Re: GSoC: Anjuta Vim Integration Weekly Reports

Sorry for the delay. I had a regression, and it was a very nasty
crasher. The crashers gone, but replaced by another bug :-(.

A request for help (so people don't have to read my entire report):
I've been facing problems keeping track of my object
Any pointers / tools to watch my reference counts?

Week 6
This week was lukewarm I guess. I got some prominent bugs fixed in the
first part of the week, but on Thursday (or Wenesday, I'm not sure), I
found out that Anjuta had ported to GIO, and that put an earlier
patch[ I wrote (irrelated to my project) in shambles. It took me a while
to figure out how to do what I wanted to do with GIO, but I must say,
the API is beautifully done.

After that, I needed to port my own plugin to GIO, which didn't take
that much time and left my code much much cleaner at the end of it.
However, I also ran into a couple of bugs as I was going through my code
again. Some of which were trivial, some of which, weren't.

I realized my memory management was *terrible* (and that's an
understatement), and by the time I figured out what was wrong, I cleaned
up a crazy amount of code. Now, I think I've cleaned up after my mess,
but I'm not sure. Any pointers on tools to watch my reference counts?

As the code currently stands, I'm able to open and close things without
crashing, but I can't get rid of my plugin, :-D. There are two issues,
the first being that I have some stray non-documents being registered
(like a 'netrw' (a file browser of sorts) buffer or the MiniBufExplorer
(a plugin that displays a bunch of tabs) buffer) that I can't get rid
of. I think I need to apply a few filters to my vimscript. And secondly,
I may not have unref-ed all my objects. 

> The agenda for the week is to finalize my interfaces so I can send them
> upstream for review. Followed by bugfixing the document manager changes
> (and my plugin's). Once the DocumentManager integration is complete
> (i.e. bugfree), Vim will be "technically" completely integrated with
> Anjuta. Hopefully, that will happen before the evaluations ;-).
The interfaces witnessed some changes, and the document manager fix
looks a bit unstable until I can get the plugin to work more smoothly.
I'd like my mentor (Johannes) to have a look at them though, and give me
some feedback to work on.

This Week
* Get my references in order! And my plugin to close :-P
* Discuss with Johannes and get them commited upstream
* Start implementing a bunch of other interfaces.

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (vimzard)
GNOME GSoC Student

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