Re: Weekly Update:LLMNR Protocol Integration in Avahi.


I haven't made much changes in avahi-core last week rather I have started learning about DBUS [that too with not a good pace]. So all-inclusive, a very less amount of work. [Let's call it my half week off. ;)]

a. I have to fix that bug.
After fixing this bug [problem was coming because I was using a 16 bit integer where I should have used a 32 bit integer. huh!] and making some more changes everything started working well. By Wednesday I had sent updated library and test files to my mentor.
b. If my mentor wants to see some changes. 
I have been waiting for his reply.

c. Find some more bugs.
I really wanted to but the another system I had been using for testing was of my friend and he wanted to have that back for few days. So I was/am out of resources. Hopefully, I'll get that back next week and then I can resume testing. Meanwhile, there is a plenty of another work. [but I was too lazy to do that after these two reasons. :)]
d. I have to work around logging errors in my code.
 I left it for the time being. I'd like to do it once I get everything set from my mentor. Should not be a difficult task.
and if I do get some free time after finishing all this I'll start learning about Dbus.
That's what I actually have been doing for past few days with very very slow pace . But it's time to finish it off quickly.

This week I am aiming to get good understanding of avahi-client library which is almost like avahi-core but is a wrapper around DBUS API and hides the DBUS internals completely.

Have a nice week!
Sunil Ghai

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