Re: Weekly Update:LLMNR Protocol Integration in Avahi.


Sorry for being late. I have been trying to fix a bug in a cache mechanism and wanted to send a report after fixing that but no success so for. :(

Apart from that everything has been done in avahi-core. Querier, publishing of single label names through LLMNR , responder, uniqueness verification process, lookup mechanism, cache mechanism, server file. [Though the code still has some bugs those need to be worked out, still if someone wants to see that -- ;)]

And mainly integration with :
1. AvahiServer : Implements main mDNS/DNS-SD stack, now LLMNR also.
2. AvahiSEntryGroup : This object basically differentiates between different clients those are using mDNS/DNS-SD stack to publish their names. Before they were able to publish names via mDNS (like mango.local) only but now single label names can also be published via LLMNR.
3. AvahiSRecordBrowser : This object is used to do perform lookup for a particular query key, this can now be used to look for LLMNR published names (i.e single label names).

Working in avahi-core this week also would be a better idea.
a. I have to fix that bug.
b. If my mentor wants to see some changes.
c. Find some more bugs.
d. I have to work around logging errors in my code.

and if I do get some free time after finishing all this I'll start learning about Dbus. [necessary to work in avahi-daemon]
That's all for now. Have a nice week! :)

Sunil Ghai

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