Weekly Report - Individual Workspace Wallpapers

So I'm now back at home with my parents until August when I'm going to be moving to Bristol. As I mentioned earlier, graduation is on Wednesday so I'm travelling part of the way there tomorrow evening, stopping off to pick up my Grandma on the way.

Progress on my project is now starting to gain some momentum, as I can dedicate more time to it now.
This week I've setup a vmware image with icecream for compiling, with my desktop, laptop and my parents computer this means I have 5 cores at my disposal for doing compiles. Unfortunately I still feel that building Gnome in parallel is slow, due to the make install steps, is there a way of only running make install if make all finds something to update?
I've also begun playing with glade to get used to it for when I come to write the UI for setting the workspace wallpapers.
I've also begun porting gnome-appearance-properties to use the GnomeBG API for setting the wallpapers, and have got it pretty much working bar a few bugs in places which I'll hopefully iron out over the next week.

See you all next week!

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