Re: Memory Fragmentation - Weekly Report

<-- Week 6 -->


I just got back from a party at GUADEC, I am now at my hotel. It was very nice day, I got to meet some really great people and learned a lot of new stuff.

In the last week, I have finished my first year at my university, my exams are all over, I have passed them all with an average of about 9 out of 10 points and I have also prepared for this whole week of talks at GUADEC. I have also done some troubleshooting with NVIDIA drivers and in the end I think I am going to reinstall Ubuntu.

Tomorrow (well, actually today, because it's past mid-night), I am going to talk in detail with my mentor, Federico, about my project - I can't wait :)

So, this week, I will try to learn as much as I can from other open source hackers, because there is too much to learn :)

If you need to talk to me, you can find me at the meetings, I will try to go to all of them. I am staying at Sirkeci Konak - it is a really nice hotel :)

I hope you will all have a great time in Turkey.

Andrei Soare

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