tenth report: cheese integration

Hey there....it's the tenth report already! WOW

This week was my first "holiday" week! No university-work to do! I nearly finished the changes on cheese I wanted to make for the dbus-interface! The whole thing will be finished today (hopefully). It will make it definitely into 2.24 BUT the gtk-file-chooser part won't! I think I told you already that I'm going to write a plugin for cosimos media manager to do the integration in a "sane" way. But the media manager won't be ready for 2.24 so cheese will not be integrated fully in 2.24! :'(

I would like to integrate cheese manually in some applications but I think there won't be the time! (But the interface is finished, so feel free to integrate cheese into your app!) Today I'll finish everything regarding cheese and dbus (last thing to do: show a preview of the picture taken, before sending the dbus-signal with the path, so the user gets the choice to accept or take a new picture!). Then I hope to be able to merge the branch easily with trunk! That'll probably be a pain in the ass, because I had to write some really ugly code, to get my things working! I followed Filippos advice: First get it running, then look how to do it in the smoothest way! (Thanks again filippo for your help last week!)

I will not bother you with more text. So just keep on hacking and if you are interested in a detailed plan what I'm going to do and when, ping me on IRC (jaegerflex) or write me a mail!


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