eleventh report: cheese integration

Here comes my eleventh and probably last (??) report! next monday is the firm pencils down day! So everything I do after next monday does not count for Summer of Code.

Last Week:

Last week I worked on the fullscreen mode for cheese! Its nearly finished now! The last things I have to fix are: flash does not work in fullscreen mode and somehow I messed up the hotkeys! F11 to activate fullscreen worked fine, but then I did some code-cleanup, because the code was full of code-snippets and methods I did not use any more. But now the hotkey does not work anymore :( I will fix that one today, probably I will use accelerator-groups instead of key-pressed-event!

My plans for this week are to complete fullscreen mode (today or at least tomorrow) and then finish the cheese-dbus branch (I wanted to finish that one last week, but daniel said I should make the fullscreen mode first, because dbus will not be in cheese 2.24). In the branch there is not much work left! As I said last week the only thing I have to do is to make a dialog where the user can decide if he wants to take the picture he made 2 sec. ago or if he wants to take a new one!

I hope I can find some time to make a plugin for cosimos media manager, but cosimo is in paris this week, so I won't get any help from him! I really have no idea how much work it is to make a plugin. Probably I can get some help from cosimos mentor? Who was cosimos mentor?

If I don't finish the plugin until next monday I will finish it when cosimo is back from holiday (and I'm back from holiday, because I'm going to spain on next monday ;) )

So long...cheers and keep your heads up

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