last report: cheese integration

This is my last report for summer of code! It' kind of sad that its over :( I liked it a lot!

Something about last week:
I worked last week most the time on the sofa, watching the olympic games ;)

Not really ;) I was kidding! :D I finished my work on the fullscreen mode! It's fully operational now! Check it out! After that one I worked on cheese dbus again (yes its not finished yet :'() I made a patch which brings small dbus capabilities to chesse! But only to solve the single instance bug. The main dbus interface is missing and will come to cheese in 2.26 (i think it will be in trunk after the next release!) Its to 95% finished and workes fine without the last 5% ;) The 5% missing is the dialog to give the user the choice to accept the taken picture or decline! I did some work on that but it's not finished yet!

Something about next week:
I'll be on holiday for the next 10 days from tomorrow on. I'm going to spain (gil, be awared because 4 crazy italian guys are coming near your town ;)) So I will enjoy the next 10 days without hacking and internet.

Something about Summer of Code:
It was FUN! (especially the GUADEC part! :) ) And it served its purpose ;) I think I'll continue to contribute after the project is finished! I like the gnome community a lot and would like to work on some projects! First of all cheese, where I have to do some work regarding my summer of code project, because I'll have to integrate that after the release! And I'll work with cosimo on a mediamanager-plugin for cheese! Lets see what mediamanager can do!

Something about my mentor:
Daniel, thanks! I think there is not much more I can say! You have been a great help for me and the project! We had some "communication-problems" but who has not?

Something about the other gnome guys:
A big THANKS to you to! some of you were a great help and have been very patient with me (sorry, I've been a total noob 4 months ago, I think I got better ;) )

Something about stolen time:
The one who reads this is my hero! I'm sorry I bothered you with my thoughts and stole your time! Thanks for reading...

So long, cheers and keep your heads up!

PS: I promised at the beginning of summer of code that I'll open a blog! That will happen soon ;) in the meantime you can take a look at my webgallery at picasaweb: there are some pictures of guadec too ;)

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